Goodyear® Tire Optix

Available at Goodyear Commercial Tire & Service Centers, Goodyear Tire Optix provides total tire management to help reduce your operating costs.

Learn How Tire Optix Can Help Reduce Your Costs

Why tire management?

Improperly maintained tires are one of the largest fleet maintenance expenses*

Tires that have been poorly maintained are a leading cause of roadside inspection citations*

Improperly maintained tires are a leading cause of roadside breakdowns*

Based on TMC S.2 Tire & Wheel Study Group Information Report: 2010-2

Why Tire Optix?

Regular, standardized tire inspections offer valuable data to help you optimize your tire investment and lower your operating costs


  • Trained Goodyear Commercial Tire & Service Center technicians use Tire Optix scanning device to measure tread depth and inflation
  • Data automatically uploads to cloud for secure storage
  • Goodyear Tire Optix App allows immediate, real-time reporting and review with Goodyear Commercial Tire & Service Center professionals


  • Immediate, real-time action reports
  • Product benchmarking
  • Unit/route comparisons
  • Fast resolution of tire issues
  • Truck tire performance optimization
  • Operating cost reduction, and more

Learn More

A Goodyear commercial tire expert will contact you to discuss your total solution and find the right products, services and programs to help your fleet save money.

For questions or more information, contact Goodyear at 1-833-496-7849 (GY OPTIX).