Four factors to consider when buying truck tires

When preparing to invest in new tires, make it a point to consider how much money you will spend during a tire's whole useable life, not just how much the tire costs initially. Here are four things to keep in mind when considering that new tire purchase.

  1. Buy tires from someone who cares. Consult with your local Goodyear Commercial Tire & Service Center. The professionals there can evaluate your truck's needs and make appropriate tire recommendations.
  2. Cheaper is not always better. Look for tires with premium casings that can be retreaded more frequently, which can allow you to help optimize your initial tire investment.
  3. Consider retreading. Goodyear offers retreads that match the tread designs of new tires in order to provide premium performance and appearance. For more info about retreading, consult your nearest Goodyear Commercial Tire & Service Center.
  4. Take good care of your tires. Establish a comprehensive maintenance program for your tires that incorporates inflation checks, alignments and other functions.

Also, make sure you maintain truck suspension and steering system components. Worn shocks, bearings and tie rod ends can contribute to faster tire wear.